RESOLVED – Unable to log into server?

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    Have been playing on Akua after the wipe on 4/23. Now on 4/24 cannot log into the server anymore?



    Your issue should be fixed. Omicron was down for a couple hours yesterday preventing people from logging in. If you have any other issues please feel free to join the teamspeak server to talk to us directly at the teamspeak address:


    Lyciran Kal

    Hey 🙂 26/4 I fly to the Moon, 4 Seconds after Entering Atmosphere i lost Connection and now when i Login It Shows me a Red “Connection to Server Lost” This was Short After the Playfield Reset… o_O Dont know whats Wrong


    Lyciran Kal

    Looks like there was a Playfield reset but still…Server Connection Lost… : (
    My Character lost in another Dimension between orbit and Space?! x´D


    Lyciran Kal

    No chance, would you please reset my Character? -_-


    What is your in game name? Are you still having the issue? What is it that you are experiencing.. If unique we can use this information to pass to the devs to fix bugs..


    Lyciran Kal

    Problem solved 🙂 No need to reset! thx

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