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    Hi, I was wandring a few things. First i come here from BLG star wars roleplay server. They run it like knuckle heads and admin abuse the crap out of it and then offer you donations packs. So i have been trying to find a good stable server. Does the server wipe only with patches ? Also on pve planets can you build bases on them without worrying of them getting raided or wiped ?


    Hey ED,

    Our server will only fully wipe if a game update requires it. We are still in the process of deciding how to handle PVE starter planets. Likely they will all be contained in the same orbit and there will be a weekly wipe on the starter planets. This is to encourage players to enter the PVP planets. After leaving the starter orbit all other orbits and planets you encounter will be PVP, save the trader orbit.

    On PVE planets you can indeed build bases without fear of them being raided by other players.

    Feel free to come chat with us in teamspeak with any questions you have. Connect to


    [BUYA] [BUYA]


    A friend of mine and I are currently unable to log into the server. We just joined this morning, is that a common issue on this server (Cigar Galaxy)



    Hello there friends.

    I am also unable to load the server. When I try to connect it gets all the way to the “Loading…” screen then within a few seconds I get the red “Connection to server lost” message without fail. I was wondering if there might be some specific reason for this and if it is on the server’s end or my end. Any help you could provide would be wonderful. Thanks.


    Lyciran Kal

    Hey Server is realy cool ^_^ but now i (and many others) get kicked because of a Anti-Cheat programm. I Never Cheat, only worse Player and kids need to do that xD. But i cannot play o_O It always say “Blabla Anti-Cheat programm runningthing…


    Alessandro Zandoli

    Me too, what is the problem? How do i install the anti cheat program to start the game?


    Lyciran Kal

    In this 3 seconds i read the Chat and someone told, to Check the ECS programm in ur GameFolder! Now it should Work..


    Lyciran Kal

    EAC* not ECS .____. xD


    The VGG

    Anti-Cheat disabled for now since too many users needed help launching.. it will be enabled by default next update we will re-enable then.




    I am unable to log in, went to Akua to get some food, has it been wiped? cant seem to log in now getting the internal error. =(

    Anyway to move my guy or when is next reset that may fix it. Thanks!



    Please fix omicron moon lol I cant seem to log in your server. D= much appreciated!



    Hopefully you wipe starter planet sooner than a week.
    just started cannot even build an SV to fly off starter planet.
    No one will even give a ride to orbit.
    kinda bummed.

    I understand its an alpha thing and a new server from the sounds.
    Like the looks of it so far. so trying to hang around but If I cannot even build then????


    Yes, we have seen that this is a problem and we going to be doing wipes twice a week.

    We are a new server but not a new community…We did recently update the site with a platform change so users were wiped.

    What planet are you on? We can try to reset your player and you can try to start on the other planet.. I know they were both full at one point yesterday hopefully this is not the case today and people got their bases off the planet!




    Flew my CV into space, warped to trade post. Upon arrival, got disconnected “internal error”. Cant log back into server. Any ideas? Thanks.


    The VGG

    Try and delete the crash file on your system and restart the game and try to reconnect.

    I will plan a reboot at 1:30 EST ( 45 minutes from now ) This may resolve the issue also..

    If the above does not solve the issue I will need to delete entities from the orbit and find the one that is breaking the orbit.. This issue should be resolved next patch from my understanding. It’s an issue with the game not the server.. We have been sending this info to the devs hope they are resolving the right issue in the next patch. We thought this was fixed in the hot patch today but we also have had users glitch and fall in the worlds already and that was supposed to be fixed also.

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