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    The VGG

    Sticky Post for server news.

    The VGG

    Full details available here

    Released April 29th

    CHANGELOG Alpha 1.4:
    Features: * Added possibility to access turrets via Control Panel and switch between turrets (player is not entering turrets anymore but remote controlling them; Mandatory for CV and HV, Optional for BA)
    Added new HUD overlay for turrets
    Added double-click on block to access from Control Panel
    Added new option under Misc Options for enabling/disabling “Easy Anti Cheat” (EAC) to be used on next game start
    Grass is now also placed on slopes
    Added new enemy Laser Turret for POI
    Slightly re-balanced enemy Ion cannon: lower frequency but higher damage.
    Added color masks for Truss + Walkway Blocks
    Added Status Effects with tooltips to Player Window
    Added grouping for “Completed” Blueprints in Blueprint Factory
    Added info in control panel to show if a Base/CV has Offline Protection installed
    Added some food templates to basic constructor
    Added chainsaw + bio fuel to starting equipment (Fresh Start)
    Added CV/HV specific acceleration/thrust/torque diagrams for Vessel Statistics window
    Added normal thrusters to small constructor (SV/HV)
    Vessels: press and hold O to upright a vessel to horizontal position (we will add this auto-rotate functionality to the player drone soon)
    Changes / Improvements: * Optimizations for decorations: micro stutters should happen less when flying over terrain.
    Increased max limit for structures (per Multiplayer playfield) from 100 to 255
    Increased despawn of backpack from 10min to 15min
    Increased fuel value of large fuel cell + adapted template
    Re-balancing: Increased hitpoint of cockpits, terrain is less damaged by rockets
    If core is removed from enemy base, the teleporters stop spawning new enemies. If any new core is set (even a player core), they restart spawning.
    Structure info for an entity is now appended and does not overwrite the existing data. Might help to see the history of a structure (Entity Info files can be found here: ..\Saves\Games*yoursavegamename\Shared)
    Added access button to SV/HV fridge
    Adapted physics of free fall: now player should fall more realistically to the ground
    Control panel tweaks (deco consoles do not show up in CP anymore, added more groups to CP, e.g. Cargo boxes)
    Swapped faction/statistics locations in Control Panel
    Added better sounds for many turrets and mounted weapons (fire + reload)
    Added better laser shots (volumetric particles) for pulse laser CV
    Escape pod now switches thrusters off also for other clients when hitting the ground
    Added new smoke effect to drone troop transporter and large drone
    Added better color mask for illuminated interior light block
    Shader for Offline Protection is now less transparent
    Better colliders for turrets (colliders now rotate with barrels)

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixes to prevent disappearing vessels:
    (i) Temporarily disabled orbital gravity also in multiplayer (there were still some problems linked to it – e.g. if a vessel gets dragged down to a planet with no player in it, the vessel was lost)
    (ii) Vessels that fell through world are now re-placed on the terrain surface again
    Fixes to prevent falling through terrain:
    (i) Added better colliders to terrain
    (ii) Since turrets are now remote controlled, exiting turret should no longer lead to falling through terrain
    Fixed exploit/grief: Offline Protection could be circumvented / misused
    Fixed Constructor exploit (dedicated server): exchange of currently crafted item is not possible anymore
    Fixed: CV falls down on planet when exiting its cockpit. CV will now continue to hover in air if it has enough thrusters pointing downwards
    Fixed problem that NPCs did not always leave their teleporter in POIs
    Fixed problem that NPCs did not walk through doors or 111 block holes
    Fixed several issues of Constructors and Food Processors:
    (i) Crafting progress indicator disappeared when adding items to construction queue while crafting
    (ii) No crafting progress indicator, if a non-craftable item was removed from the construction queue before a craftable item got started crafting
    (iii) Currently crafted item in construction queue gets red colored if not enough resources to craft more items of this type
    (iv) Crafting started-sound played even when item in construction queue could not be crafted and was removed
    (v) Crafting finished-sound played on all inventory changes (item movements) after at least one item has been crafted
    Fixed: Player slided on uneven ground when resuming a savegame
    Fixed: Wood could take more hits than Concrete and a similar amount compared to Steel
    Possible fix for problem that sometimes overwriting an existing Blueprint lead to vanishing of all Blueprints
    Fixed: Growing plot could not be destroyed by non-explosive weapons
    Fixed problem that drone spotlight was shining through walls in certain situations
    Fixed problem with weapon sound loop when switching slots
    Fixed several exceptions that appeared on playfield servers linked to decoration bugs
    Fixed problem with smoke on destroyed drone that was not drifting upwards properly
    Fixed: Some glass textures rendered above water although device is under water
    Fixed problem with corrupted save games that sometimes allocated way too much memory on loading
    Fixed: Some rocks had holes under their base
    Fixed: Deco / trees not visible when making the first landing on a new planet (MP)
    Fixed: Deco flowers hovering over the ground
    Fixed: Turret Robots missing a wreckage model. For now: Robot is removed during explosion
    Fixed problem that POI turrets did not shoot at HVs
    Possible fix for sharing violation of adminconfig.yaml
    Possible fix for error in ‘kick’ console command
    Fixed error that occurred when quitting a game immediately after entering it
    Fixed: Clicking on button in an empty Blueprint factory no longer throws an exception
    Fixed Atmospheric Scattering not active after resuming game in space and travelling to planet

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