Arma 3 mod: Exile Chernarus

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    The VGG

    ]TPG[ Exile Chernarus
    Server IP:

    You will need to download A3launcher first. The TornZ mods (for zombie logic) seem to only work with the A3launcher.

    MODS and Versions
    All In Arma Terrain Pack 1.4.1 – 8.50GB
    EXile – 214MB
    CUP: Weapons – 975MB
    CUP: Vehicles – Official Site – 1.80GB
    CUP: Units – 202MB
    CBA_A3 –
    Tryk’s Multiplay Uniforms
    TornZ – A3Launcher only
    TornZ Exile – A3Launcher only

    Installation Instructions Here


    CUP Vehicles/Weapons – TONS more content than stock!

    Chernarus AND Exile

    HIVE Database where Money/Respect is shared between both!

    100% Redone loot tables!

    DMS Missions with customized loot and locations.

    VEMF missions with customized loot and locations.

    Battle Capture Points!

    Exile Revive – Defib away!

    Ambient, wandering AI & Convoys as well as occasionally reinforcements on missions

    Custom trader locations.

    Added spawn locations/adjusted loot.

    Active adult admins

    InfiStar Antihack

    Respect based rewards (Starter loadouts based on respect)


    Automated 4hr reboots with warnings.

    Headless client for your lagfree enjoyment.

    Dedicated hardware with DDoS protection, located in a datacenter that is non-gameserver affiliated.

    Limited armed vehicles (Read below under vehicles!) Raving reviews on this so far.

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