Finally Arisen on PC – Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on the PC

  • Graphics: Huge improvement over the previous release. This game looks Fantastic.
  • Sound: The soundtrack is awesome, really capturing the excitement of killing giant monsters.
  • Gameplay: It's all there, If you liked the original this is just as good. Play it with a controller though.

It was three and a half years ago that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen was released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It was Capcom’s response to Dark Souls and as such shared a number of similarities with the series. In both games players are given a choice between a number of classes and are put out into a world populated by giant monsters that need slaying.Of course, these monsters never make the task easy and often very easily kill the player out of hand. The game was good back then, and it was an experience that many PC gamers missed out on. Thankfully Capcom has heard the cries for a PC port and on Jan 15, members of the PC community were finally be able to make their own Arisen embark on an epic quest to slay a giant Dragonddda 4















In Dragon’s Dogma, players take on the role of a new Arisen, a chosen one who is the only one that is able to take down the evil Dragon plaguing mankind .Every Arisen who starts a game creates their own main pawn. It can be any one of the game’s primary classes (Fighter, Strider, or Mage) and will follow you into the any battle faithfully. Players can also summon the pawns of other Arisen to aid them in combat, this is where this game stands itself apart from others. Pawns learn from their experiences, while adventuring they may pop up with useful knowledge about a quest, after all the pawn may have experienced something that you yourself have not. In addition your own pawn may come back from an adventure with new knowledge to aid you against a really tough monster you haven’t been able to beat. This mechanic makes the game stand apart from others in the genre.


Dragon’s Dogma has not changed very much from its initial release. If you’ve played it before, there isn’t a whole lot new to the experience. The combat is still tight and the fights are both challenging and fun. I recommend playing the game with a controller over keyboard and mouse. While the keyboard controls are functional, Dragon’s Dogma is much like Dark Souls in that it’s much easier to play on a controller. The biggest change is how pretty the game is for a game that is several years old. The port to PC has given the game a nice facelift, monsters are much more detailed and the draw distance is farther off, allowing for some really nice vistas. The longer distances also helps in approaching fights, the farther off you can see your enemies, the harder it will be to fall into an ambush.

Overall, I was happy to play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen again. The graphical updates were a welcome change, and the addition of the Dark Arisen expansion content will only keep people playing an already massive game even longer. When it game out originally, it flew under the radars of a lot of people. With this re-release of the game, it will introduce a brand new audience to a game that too few people played in the past. It’s available now on Steam and any fan of Dark Souls & Bloodborne would be missing out by not picking this game up.

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