Discord Bot Commands

!addrole Add a role to a user.
!announce Announce a message to all servers the bot is in.
!announceset Change how announcements are sent in this guild.
!editrole Edit role settings.
!removerole Remove a role from a user.
!selfrole Apply selfroles.
!selfroleset Manage selfroles.
!serverlock Lock a bot to its current servers only.

!alias Manage command aliases.

!audioset Music configuration options.
!audiostats Audio stats.
!autoplay Starts auto play.
!bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue.
!bumpplay Force play a URL or search for a track.
!disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel.
!eq Equalizer management.
!genre Pick a Spotify playlist from a list of categories to star…
!llsetup Lavalink server configuration options.
!local Local playback commands.
!now Now playing.
!pause Pause or resume a playing track.
!percent Queue percentage.
!play Play a URL or search for a track.
!playlist Playlist configuration options.
!prev Skip to the start of the previously played track.
!queue List the songs in the queue.
!remove Remove a specific track number from the queue.
!repeat Toggle repeat.
!search Pick a track with a search.
!seek Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a speci…
!shuffle Toggle shuffle.
!sing Make Red sing one of her songs.
!skip Skip to the next track, or to a given track number.
!stop Stop playback and clear the queue.
!summon Summon the bot to a voice channel.
!volume Set the volume, 1% – 150%.

!bancheck Check if user is on a ban list.
!bancheckset Configure BanCheck for this guild.
!banchecksetglobal Configure global BanCheck settings.
!banreport Send a ban report to all enabled global ban lists.
!banreportmanual Send a ban report to all enabled global ban lis…

!bankset Base command for bank settings.

!cleanup Base command for deleting messages.

!addpath Add a path to the list of available cog paths.
!cogs Lists all loaded and available cogs.
!installpath Returns the current install path or sets it if one …
!paths Lists current cog paths in order of priority.
!removepath Removes a path from the available cog paths given th…
!reorderpath Reorders paths internally to allow discovery of dif…

!allowlist Allowlist management commands.
!autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions.
!blocklist Blocklist management commands.
!command Manage the bot’s commands and cogs.
!contact Sends a message to the owner.
!dm Sends a DM to a user.
!embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off.
!helpset Manage settings for the help command.
!ignore Add servers or channels to the ignore list.
!info Shows info about VGG.
!invite Shows VGG’s invite url.
!inviteset Setup the bot’s invite.
!leave Leaves the current server.
!licenseinfo Get info about Red’s licenses.
!load Loads packages.
!localallowlist Server specific allowlist management commands.
!localblocklist Server specific blocklist management commands.
!mydata Commands which interact with the data VGG has about you.
!reload Reloads packages.
!restart Attempts to restart VGG.
!servers Lists and allows VGG to leave servers.
!set Changes VGG’s settings.
!shutdown Shuts down the bot.
!traceback Sends to the owner the last command exception that ha…
!unignore Remove servers or channels from the ignore list.
!unload Unloads packages.
!uptime Shows VGG’s uptime.
!customcom Custom commands management.

!cog Cog installation management commands.
!findcog Find which cog a command comes from.
!pipinstall Install a group of dependencies using pip.
!repo Repo management commands.

!bank Manage the bank.
!economyset Manage Economy settings.
!leaderboard Print the leaderboard.
!payday Get some free currency.
!payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine.
!slot Use the slot machine.

!filter Add or remove words from server filter.
!filterset Manage filter settings.

!8 Ask 8 ball a question.
!choose Choose between multiple options.
!flip Flip a coin… or a user.
!lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.
!roll Roll a random number.
!rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.
!serverinfo Show server information.
!stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch.
!urban Search the Urban Dictionary.

!gif Retrieve the first search result from Giphy.
!gifr Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search.
!giphycreds Explains how to set GIPHY API tokens.
!imgur Retrieve pictures from Imgur.
!imgurcreds Explain how to set imgur API tokens.
!instantcmd Instant Commands cog management

!availablepermissions Generates the permissions of a certain obj…
!deniedpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object…
!listpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object a…

!ban Ban a user from this server and optionally delete days of m…
!kick Kick a user.
!massban Mass bans user(s) from the server.
!modset Manage server administration settings.
!movedeletedelay Move deletedelay settings to core
!moveignoredchannels Move ignored channels and servers to core
!names Show previous names and nicknames of a user.
!rename Change a user’s nickname.
!slowmode Changes channel’s slowmode setting.
!softban Kick a user and delete 1 day’s worth of their messages.
!tempban Temporarily ban a user from this server.
!unban Unban a user from this server.
!userinfo Show information about a user.
!voiceban Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server’s…
!voicekick Kick a member from a voice channel.
!voiceunban Unban a user from speaking and listening in the serv…

!case Show the specified case.
!casesfor Display cases for the specified member.
!modlogset Manage modlog settings.
!reason Specify a reason for a modlog case.

!activemutes Displays active mutes on this server.
!mute Mute users.
!mutechannel Mute a user in the current text channel.
!muteset Mute settings.
!unmute Unmute users.
!unmutechannel Unmute a user in this channel.
!voicemute Mute a user in their current voice channel.
!voiceunmute Unmute a user in their current voice channel.

!permissions Command permission management tools.

!register Register for a role.

!forgetme Remove all of your upcoming reminders.
!reminder Manage your reminders.
!remindme Send you when the time is up.
!remindmeset Manage RemindMe settings.

!report Send a report.
!reportset Manage Reports.

!roleinviteset Roleinvite cog management

!avatar Display a users avatar in chat
!botstats Display stats about the bot
!channeledit Modify channel options
!channelstats Gets total messages in a specific channel as well …
!emoji Post a large size emojis in chat
!getguild Display info about servers the bot is on
!getguilds Display info about multiple servers
!getreactions Gets a list of all reactions from specified messag…
!getroles Displays all roles their ID and number of members in o…
!guildedit Edit various guild settings
!guildemojis Display all server emojis in a menu that can be scr…
!listchannels Lists channels and their position and ID for a ser…
!nummembers Display number of users on a server
!pruneroles Perform various actions on users who haven’t spoken …
!removeguildjoin Stop bots join/leave server messages
!serverstats Gets total messages on the server and displays each…
!setguildjoin Set a channel to see new servers the bot is joining
!topic Sets a specified channels topic
!topmembers Lists top members on the server by join date
!whois Display servers a user shares with the bot

!getserver Get info about a gameserver
!steamcommunity SteamCommunity commands

!picarto Check if a Picarto channel is live.
!smashcast Check if a smashcast channel is live.
!streamalert Manage automated stream alerts.
!streamset Manage stream alert settings.
!twitchstream Check if a Twitch channel is live.
!youtubestream Check if a YouTube channel is live.

!time Checks the time.

!access Check channel access
!banlist Displays the server’s banlist.
!cid Shows the channel ID.
!cinfo Shows channel information. Defaults to current text chann…
!eid Get an id for an emoji.
!einfo Emoji information.
!inrole Check members in the role specified.
!joined Show when a user joined the guild.
!listchannel List the channels of the current server
!listguilds List the guilds|servers the bot is in.
!newusers Lists the newest 5 members.
!perms Fetch a specific user’s permissions.
!rid Shows the id of a role.
!rinfo Shows role info.
!rolelist Displays the server’s roles.
!sid Show the server ID.
!sinfo Shows server information.
!uinfo Shows user information. Defaults to author.
!whatis What is it?

!trivia Start trivia session on the specified category.
!triviaset Manage Trivia settings.

!cogupdater Group command for controlling the update checker cog.

!updatenotify Manage UpdateNotify settings.

!forecastapi Set API key for
!forecast Shows 7 days forecast for provided place
!forecastunits Set forecast units for yourself
!weather Shows weather in provided place

!youtube Search on Youtube.
!ytsearch Search on Youtube, multiple results.